Friday, January 11, 2008

US Candidates: The Issues

Doing the rounds of the internet at the moment: a political compass test for US presidential candidates. See how you compare!

Here are my results:

Rather comforting, actually. After all the commentary I've read about John Edwards being the true progressive in the race, I was beginning to worry that my Obama/Clinton leanings were informed by white liberal guilt, or feminist overcompensation, or misplaced nostalgia for the Clinton era, or the fact that Obama looks good behind a lecturn. Well, they probably are, but at least now I can claim 81% policy convergence with Obama, and 78% with Clinton. John Edwards is just behind; Bill Richardson, whose staffer emails I have unaccountably received all campaign, is my least favourite Dem (but he dropped out this morning, so that's ok). And I detest everything Fred Thompson stands for, which is fine by me.


flashman said...

My pencil was centred just off the lower-right corner of Obama, which means I can legitimately deride you as a bleeding-heart socialist bent on higher taxation and big government. But that's probably because I don't have an opinion on the American gun debate.

Lucy said...

The lower right of Obama! Fascist pig! I dare you to see if you can get Fred Thompson.

On the other hand according to the Implicit Association Test I am scrupulously fair about all three Dem candidates:


Lucy said...

Let's try that again:

Implicit Association Test

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Diego Luego said...


I'm more bleeding heart than the lot of you. I was an Obama width due North of Obama himself. However, I am fiscally more "responsible" (in GOP terms) than you are.

It must be my age, or maybe we can still blame John Howard.

Another person who tried the test landed right on Obama's nose - Australians really are more libertarian and socialist than Americans judging by our sample of four.

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