Thursday, October 18, 2007

Annabel Crabb Makes the World a Better Place

It's beautiful, especially the concluding para. Apparently Nats really do think like that, but you'd think they would keep it to themselves during the election campaign, considering women comprise half the electorate. Mad as cut snakes.


diego luego said...

Ahh Queensland! - where men are real men, and women are men too!

Seriously though, the challenges for women living in the remote North are quite different from those of women living in Vaucluse or Toorak. For a start it's a long way from David Jones and you can't get a good latte.

Mind you both have to be skillful in handling a large 4WD.

Lucy said...

I showed this story to my mildly leftist but solidly Nat-hating boss, who I won't name, and he laughed for a good five minutes before saying: "seriously, though, they really do think like this. You should hear them at the meetings when the media aren't around."

This story pretty much wrote itself. Don't get me wrong, Annabel Crabb is gold, gold, gold, but I mean, "she used to work on a prawn trawler" and "I'm at a breast cancer launch right now" - you just can't make that stuff up.