Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lefties Really Are Latte-Sippers

Proof, as if we needed it, that coffee is the most political drink. Buy a coffee and cast your bean into your plastic cannister of choice. It's the apex of consumerist democracy.

I'm not sure I approve of the one-coffee poll tax, but my on-the-ground (Pitt Street Mall) survey suggests that inner-city coffee drinkers are voting for Labor in a landslide. The website poll is somewhat closer, so the Libs must still have caffeine-friendly supporters who are willing to admit it in public somewhere. Howard's outer-suburb battlers, perhaps. And where are all these Democrats coming from? Aren't they supposed to be dead in the water?

Never one to pass up an opportunity to have my say, I had an iced chocolate (with cream) and voted. I now feel sick but highly enfranchised.


Diego Luego said...

I think the Muffin Break is doing this the hard way.

There is almost certainly a correlation between the drink selected and voting intention. This list might be a good start for a social scientist or psephologist:

Tea= Liberal
Latte= Labor trendy
Cappuccino= traditional Labor
Water= religious right
Herbal Tea= Democrat or Greens
Mocha= undecided
Hot Chocolate= too young to vote

Lucy said...

Nice. It did occur to me that I would like to see the results segmented by drink choice and location to prove (or disprove) the Latte Left thing once and for all. If only Muffin Break had the foresight.

If I had the time and the creative drive, I would spend my afternoon concocting a survey on behalf of the undecided Mocha voters to see how the various parties intend to address the concerns of the Mocha Constituency. I hear such surveys are all the rage among interest groups trying to get others to march to their beat.

Ray said...

My preference is kind of split between Tea and Herbal Tea. I'm having a political drink identity crisis.