Thursday, October 18, 2007

How to Get the Questions You Want


diego luego said...

On the radio today, some journalists were complaining that if Rudd gets elected they will all be out of a job.

Virginia Trioli on 702 said words to this effect "What's the point of interviewing a man who asks then answers his own questions."

So far though, Howard and Costello are sounding a bit shrill against Rudd's quiet composure. We'll see how composed he is next week after the polls come out.

Lucy said...

Seems to be the media complaint du jour about Rudd. The Herald had something about it yesterday. Course, if that's the worst thing you have to say about someone... not that I'm suggesting that it is. But yeah, Kev's very dignified.

Incidentally, Dick Cheney has the exact same tic, and is a lot more evil besides.