Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Note to Wayne Swan

Re: The ongoing Great Debate II: Attack of the Treasurers

The slogan "fair and balanced" has already been well and truly discredited. Please stop referring to your industrial relations agenda as such.


A concerned voter


Ray said...

Thanks for the link :p.

I thought it was a rather dull debate that came back to the same shite spouted in the Rudd-Howard discussion. Seems like Costello got a few laughs at the expense of Swan/Rudd though. Good audience. But I thought neither man "won."

Because I don't like Costello, I picked up on his spiel about opposition to the GST, WorkChoices etc, and that in spite of this "he got the job done."

Translation: "It doesn't matter what people oppose, WE decide how to act in your best interests. So shut up - let us stuff money in the country's national pocket and let us do our job."

Lucy said...

I KNEW someone else was watching, somewhere. :)

I was intenting to write a whole post about the debate but don't have too much to say about it. I thought it was a bad idea from the start, I don't find Wayne Swan particularly compelling and thought Costello would take him to school on the detail. Swan did better than I thought he would and man, people really don't like Costello, but it was really kind of boring, surprise surprise.

The Worm reacted very badly to WorkChoices still, I was gratified to note.