Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

This tickled me so much I just had to post it in full.

Divison within NSW parliaments holy ranks
By Nick Ralston, State Political Reporter
AAP: Tuesday, October 16 2007 - 20:08

Never one to simply toe the party line, Christian Democratic MP Gordon Moyes has taken aim at the only other parliamentary member from his party - Fred Nile.
Reverend Nile today moved a motion to establish the inquiry that will look at patient care at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital after Jana Horska miscarried in the emergency department toilets three weeks ago.

Under his proposal, Rev Nile would become the committee chair.

But, as the only other Christian Democratic Party member (CDP) in parliament, Dr Moyes wanted to ensure he had his say on the inquiry, and Rev Nile's self-appointment.
"I wish to congratulate the Rev Fred Nile on proposing this bill to set up the joint select committee with himself as chair, as he has requested me to do so," Rev Moyes told the parliament.

Dr Moyes went on to detail a conversation he supposedly had with the fictitious character Sir Humphrey Appleby, from the British political comedy Yes Minister.
"When the government is on the front page of newspapers for three weeks or more with editorials calling for a minister to resign, Sir Humphrey advises ...," Dr Moyes began.
"...that the government ... call for an inquiry describing it as open, transparent, impartial and wideranging, however the likely findings should generally be known before such an inquiry or commission is established."

Dr Moyes then turned his attention squarely on his parliamentary colleague.
"Sir Humphrey says appoint a parliamentary chair who is `sound'," he said.
"Sir Humphrey reports on several occasions that by sound he means one who can be utterly relied upon to support the initiatives of the government.
"Ensure the proposed chair has adequate allowances and travel expenses to keep him sound."
It is not the first time the two-man CDP parliamentary team have not seen eye-to-eye in the chamber.

News Ltd reported in June that Dr Moyes crossed the floor to vote against legislation giving Mr Nile a plush new title that would push his salary to more than $170,000 a year.
Dr Moyes however towed the party line after Rev Nile spoke with him in the parliament.


Diego Luego said...

Looking on the positive side, the Royal North Shore Hospital inquiry should keep Rev. Fred busy enough so that he won't have time to pursue his born-againish policies.

BTW the following joke is going around:

"The Doctors at Royal North Shore Hospital have all gone on strike.

The Minister will consider their demands will considered as soon she can get a pharmacist to read the picket signs."

diego luego said...

Apologies for the semi-literacy of the previous comment.

My excuse is I was distracted by the metaphor of Dr. Moyes TOWING the party line.

I wonder what he towed it with? A SMART car would be easily big enough (it's a very small party).

Lucy said...

When it comes to the Christian Democrats, any towing of the party line is probably an improvement, considering the current location of said party line.

I just love that Moyes pretty much got up and called his own colleague corrupt.

Nice pharmacist joke btw. Reba's looking much better at the moment.

diego luego said...

In case any blogger misses the point the expression is TOEING the line.

This is something that I keep secret - don't tell anyone but I'm distantly related to Fred Nile by marriage.

There I've said I feel better.....see, even the best families have shameful secrets.