Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fringe Watch

From the SMH:

Pauline Hanson... is not faring well in her attempt to recapture attention. Standing under the banner of Pauline's United Australia Party, one poll has her getting just 7.5 per cent support, somewhat short of the 14.3 per cent required to win a Queensland Senate seat.


Meanwhile some of the men Hanson left behind are marching stoically onwards. The state president of One Nation NSW, Jim Cassidy, said the party would field three Senate candidates and eight lower house candidates.

Without Hanson as a figurehead, it has been difficult for One Nation to get publicity, but in recent weeks the party has tackled the issue of non-indigenous bananas devastating the indigenous crop, and opposed John Howard's Aboriginal referendum proposal on the grounds that it would divide Australia into indigenous and non-indigenous people.

When all else fails, turn to banana populism. An excellent jibe from the Herald, too.


diego luego said...

I don't know if you saw this about Pauline a couple of days ago:

"Hanson hit by helper's pedophile past" on ninemsn 19/10/2007


"Convicted pedophile working for Pauline Hanson" on 19/10/2007

I don't think it will help her image, especially as she caters to the loranorder rednecks.

Lucy said...

This is the magic of information-sharing. I didn't see that, not being down with the latest pedophile gossip, but you're right that it can't have helped Pauline with her, um, constituency.