Friday, October 19, 2007

Dept of You Should Know This: Rudy Giuliani


diego luego said...
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diego luego said...

A person who thinks that any problems can be solved by war must be frothing mad!

The US has already been essentially bankrupted by the Iraq war. It is not the sub-prime mortgage fiasco that has sent the USD into a tailspin but the cost of the Iraq war. China and Japan are both saying sell, sell, sell US dollars so it will keep going down (I hope I am wrong).

I hope someone leads these poor souls gently back to their nice green rooms and makes sure they have taken their tablets.

Lucy said...

The point I would've made if I was better at editing around an embedded object is that Giuliani is, from a social perspective, a fairly mild Republican: pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, not inclined to pontificate about family values. So to see the extreme hawkishness of his foreign policy team is doubly terrifying. The US MUST vote for a Democrat in 08, it's even more important to me than voting out Howard. But even that won't solve the problem fully: Hillary has been acting pretty darn hawkish herself, and even Barack Obama felt compelled to announce that he would bomb Pakistan given half a chance (well, he didn't say it quite like that, but that was the gist). The Bush years have done so much damage by fostering this us-against-the-world mentality, it's going to take an awful lot of undoing no matter who gets voted in.